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From time to time, you may have an idea or a concern that you want to share. The 

following members of our church family oversee and direct the following areas:

Leadership Team Members

Chair                                                           Don Cramer

Lay Member to Annual Conference              Kathy Poorman

Alternate Lay Member                                 Shanna Barner

Staff Parish Relations Chair                         Holly Bailor

SPCR Sub Committee Members                   Don Cramer and Eric Barner

Trustee Chair                                              Don Cramer

Trustee Sub Committee Members               Don Kline and Nathan Bailor

Lay Leader                                                  Eric Barner

Treasurer                                                    Rod Anderson

Finance Secretary                                       Holly Bailor

Membership Secretary                                Shanna Barner

Children's Coordinator                                Scott Barner

Worship Leader                                          Eric Barner

Safe Sanctuary                                           Lindsay Stitt

Mission/Outreach/Evangelism                    Shanna Barner

Nurture                                                      Eric Barner

Hospitality                                                 Sheri Zentichko

Care and Share Director                              Shanna Barner 

Auditors                                                     Donna Kline and Sheri Barner

Board Members at Large                             Don Kline

                                                                  Judy Troup



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